MULTIWORKS Design and Construction, Inc. has come a long way since day one. The business was first established in 1983 when current owners, Hugo Torres and Maritza Alegria, were in their early twenties. The company, formerly known as Torres & Associates, began in Bogota, Colombia shortly after Hugo and Maritza graduated from La Gran Colombia University and obtained their professional licenses in architecture. During these early years, Hugo and Maritza quickly gained experience on design-build projects for both residential and commercial customers. One of their first projects was to design over two dozen churches for the Latter Day Saints Church, in conjunction with Carlos Vasquez, a well-renowned Colombian architect at the time.

In 1988, the company moved to the United States and was re-established in the State of New York as MULTIWORKS Design and Construction, Inc. While working in New York City, they built a large clientele mostly based on remodeling projects and specializing in restaurants and tenant improvements for both new and established businesses. As Department of Health advisors, Hugo and Maritza also represented property owners in court disputes concerning violations and court enforcement issues. Along with expanding their commercial clientele, MULTIWORKS continued to carry out numerous residential remodeling projects for homes and apartment buildings throughout the New York metropolitan area.  

In January of 1997, the company was relocated to Coral Springs, Florida, where it is currently based. MULTIWORKS proceeded to execute residential and commercial projects and shortly after began realizing industrial projects, such as warehouses and small factories. Throughout all these years, our mission has been to always provide the highest quality design-build services for all residential, commercial and industrial projects.